June 13, 2009

Life in Cocha!

I´m back in Cochabamba, Bolivia! (Finally!).

Was the trip fun? No, not at all. In fact I really don´t like traveling. I love being in Bolivia but I really do not enjoy leaving my apartment at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday and not arriving in Cocha until about 3 p.m. the next day. I´m still exhausted from the trip...(okay, not really from the trip...you´ll read why!)

So I was greeted at the airport by the exact 4 kids that I would have picked! Jennifer, with the help of 3 volunteers (Nick, who lives in Bolivia with his family and Molly and Melissa, friends who are here volunteering from the U.S.) brought ¨my¨twins, and two of my other ¨favorites¨from last winter (it´s winter here - I´m below the equator!) When they yelled at me from the upstairs walkway at the airport I was so, so, excited! And it felt like it took 10 years to get my bags because I wanted to go see ¨my¨kids so bad! I hate this picture, but it pretty much shows exactly what I was feeling at the time :)

So then I went to the Baby Home and spent the evening with the Tias (the women who work at the home are called ¨Aunt¨ and my babies! It was wonderful. I was completely exhausted but so glad to see everyone! And the Tias made me a huge welcome back dinner!

Then I met up with friends at this cool Irish restaurant across town. It was so wonderful to see Amy, Kimber, and Shaun again.

Then I slept upstairs with the Tias because I am completely crazy and would rather sleep with them than in the volunteer bedroom :) (don´t worry it´s a mattress on the floor I´m not so crazy as to sleep on the hard floor!)

But if you think my first partial day here was crazy, wait until you hear about my first FULL day here!

Friday (yesterday) around 9:30 I went with another volunteer to take 2 kids to get their hearing aid molds made/fitted. Then I went back to the home and ate lunch, met with Jen about some projects I´m going to do this summer, then I went with Tia Maria to take 4 kids to the drs office to get some reports filled out on general health. Then I got back to the house and helped make cakes for a party. Then we took 13 kids to the house where the older kids live and we celebrated two birthdays (see pic below)! It was great to see the kids at the second house! Then a bunch of us volunteers and Jen went out to dinner. Then I crashed upstairs with the tias again!

Today wasn´t near as crazy, but honestly every day is a little different and life is never dull here! And I love every minute of it! I love my babies and I love the Tias and I love Cochabamba! Oh and Spanish! In fact, it´s taking some serious effort to type all this in English!

Love to everyone. Sorry I can´t write you all personally but feel free to email me and or leave comments! (I love comments!)

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