July 11, 2008

What I will miss...

Obviously I´m going to miss my babies and all the wonderful people I´ve met here... But I´m also going to miss...

*the use of ¨vos¨
*¨sentate¨instead of ¨sientate¨
*taxis, trufis, micros (public trans)
*la cancha
*line drying clothes
*cloth diapers
*yummy homemade food
*hugs and kisses everyday
*worship in Spanish
*having almost every noun end in ¨ito¨or ¨ta¨
*having ¨el¨ or ¨la¨precede every name
*hearing ¨¿no ve?¨at the end of almost every sentence
*the honking...
*walking places
*the kid´s laughs and smiles

Okay, so now that I´ve typed up the list I realize that a lot of it will only be understood if you understand Spanish - and specifically Spanish linguistics...but that´s okay because it´s still the list of what I´ll miss :)

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