June 17, 2008

Saying goodbye to a friend...

Tomorrow my friend and fellow volunteer here in Bolivia, Amy, is returning to the states for a few months of Furlough and time with friends and family. I´m excited that she gets a break, but I´m sad that she´s leaving because I´ll miss her... Please pray for her as she travels from Cochabamba to the States.

It turns out that ESL classes were only last week, which was kind of a relief for me because I don´t think that teaching English is my gift! Things went well, but 3 nights of 2 hour classes was enough for me! Teaching Spanish is SO much easier and enjoyable for me.

Last Thursday I also subbed at an American School here called, Hughes Schools. I subbed for 7th, 8th and 11th grade English Literature classes. Things went well - especially since the class size average is 8 students. Wouldn´t it be nice if classes were that small in the US, especially in Foreign Language classrooms?

At Church things are going well too! We had a fundraiser dinner thing on Saturday night and they raised around 500 Bolivianos. The turnout wasn´t as big as people hoped, but it was a little cold here so people probably stayed home. (By cold I mean maybe 65 degrees, people here think that is FREEZING and since it´s about the coldest it ever gets in Cocha I guess I can understand.)

In other news, the twins at the Orphanage have gained 2 pounds!!! They are starting to fill out and are still as beautiful and happy as ever! Also, two babies will be turning one within the next week!

Things are wonderful here...Cocha is my new favorite place in the world. And I love my babies...all 17 of them! In fact I need to get off here so I can go to work!

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