June 10, 2008

Casa De Amor Home #3 now open!!!

Things are going wonderfully down here. I am really loving the church I am going to. I just realized that I don´t even know what it´s name is, but it is the Nazarene church in the Cala Cala area of Cochabamba. Last Sunday I asked them and found out that there are 8 Nazarene Churches in Cochabamba! I am actually attending the church that some missionaries from the States normally attend, but they are in the USA right now on furlough, but I know they are well loved because they talk about them all the time!

I am also really loving working at the orphanage, Casa De Amor I (CDA I), even if they did give me a horrid cold and sore throat (I´m on medicine and already getting better). I´m hoping to get some pictures uploaded today but the internet here is not the greatest so we´ll see...

On Sunday we had a party of sorts for the Alseth family that is starting Casa De Amor 3. The Alseth family has 4 children of their own that are teenagers but they felt God calling them to open a 3rd home for at least a year. They have 4 of the orphans from the other two homes and will be able to give them a lot more attention and care than the other homes. Also it will be a nice transition for these children as they will hopefully be adopted by families soon! I know that is a short explanation, but I don´t want to bore anyone. Anyway, the party was kind of like a house warming party only with presents to help them as they open the new home. They got all kinds of books, cds, diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, and clothes...and a whole lot more! It probably took 2 trips to get everything home! It was such a blessing to see their Church friends and family and also Casa De Amor friends and family blessing them in this way.

I don´t think I wrote about this last time, but the pastor´s son at the church teaches at a small private American School in town and needed a substitute teacher last week so I taught an 8th and 11th grade English class. These kids were amazing too. They understood everything I said and are reading stories and doing presentations on them in English. I was very pleased. And I´m subbing again this Thursday. It´s a very neat opportunity to see how the private schools here work. This one especially is very small, but I´m very please with what I´ve seen.

Also, tonight I´m doing the first of 6 English pronunciation workshops at the Educational Center that this same guy from church runs. Hopefully it goes well, not just because I´ve never taught ESL or English Pronuncaition before, but because I hope my voice doesn´t give out from this cold I have! But seriously I´m going to do 6 of these and I could use your prayers because I´m not so sure about teaching English... (they are this week and next week Tues through Thurs).

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