June 28, 2008


Last night we had a party for everyone that works and volunteers at Casa De Amor. We had the party at CDA III because it is the biggest of all the houses and also has a HUGE backyard!

The party was a huge success! We invited the families of all the workers and volunteers and almost everyone was able to make it. (a few husbands had to work).

Here is some background so you´ll know how it works at the homes. At CDA I there are 4 ¨Tias¨on duty all day every day and they rotate shifts. Each night 2 of the ¨Tias¨spend the night. At CDA II where the kids are older there are 2 ¨Tias¨ working each day and 1 stays each night. At CDA III it is a little different since it is a North American family running it as host parents so they just have a ¨Tia¨come in each day to help with cooking and cleaning.

So last night we had 65 workers, volunteers, and families and children at the party. We also had a TON of food! We played games, prayed, sang worship songs, had a bonfire, made s´mores, played with toys, and in general just had a great time of fellowship.

The best part of the whole night though was getting to meet the husbands and kids of all the ¨Tias¨because I hear about their families all the time and it was great to finally meet them! I also tried my hardest to get a family picture of each family, though I´m sure I missed a few. These will be great for CDA to have and will also make excellent going away presents from me to the ¨Tias¨.

The other best part of the whole night was the new addition to CDA. This little girl is 3 days old now and was found abandoned and will be living in CDA III. Holding this precious little girl that someone decided they didn´t want was just such a blessing. I´m so glad we´ll be able to give her a home and love that she so desperately needs and deserves. She makes baby 35 in the three homes currently...but number 70 total since Jennifer started CDA.

Anyway, I´m getting off blogger so I can upload LOTS of pictures!!!

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