August 2, 2014


Firewall (FBI: Houston #1)
by DiAnn Mills

This is the first book by DiAnn Mills that I've read but I can assure you I cannot wait to read more! I really loved her writing style and the type of book she writes!

Firewall is a book full of everything I love! Suspense, intrigue, love, romance, rescues, children, pretense, and crime-stopping!

I loved the main character Taryn! The first thing I loved about her was her unique name and it just went deeper from there. I love how throughout the book she realized she needed to rely on God's strength and not her own. I also love how even though she made some mistakes with her life she learned from them and moved on to do bigger and better things. Pretty much I loved her determination to never stop until good had prevailed over evil!

And of course how could I not love Grayson! I loved his gut instinct. I love how even during the hard times in the story when emotions tried to get the best of him that he worked hard to do his job first and trusted that the emotional parts would take care of themselves later! I love how tirelessly he worked to protect and later save Taryn.

One part that stood out to me in this book was how Mills wrote all the chapters in pretty much the same style except for the chapters written from the perspective of the "bad guy." It really added a great level of perspective to the story.

I also love how she wrote such a long book that only took place in the span of days! So much detail and so much happened but the book never drug on. In fact it was so fast paced that I'm glad I had time to read it in two days and didn't have to lose any more sleep than that!

I know a different publisher does Dee Henderson's books but I think that if you like her books you'd like DiAnn Mills' books too! I highly recommend that you check them out!

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